8 Feb 2018

One of Nigeria's best Squash player misses out on Ecuador Tourney as a result of France Visa Denial

 #5 Idowu Enimakure
Published as sent
Dear Sir/Ma,
The below details refer.
Name:Garba AbdulLateef Enimakure
Ref number: Lagos/070717/0104/01
Passport number: A50356022
I write further to the receipt of a Consular General De France A Lagos - Notification on 26th June 2017 through VSF Global Ikate Lagos offices that my application for a France Visa has been refused and a further notification that my passport will be returned to the Immigration Services.
Kindly note that to my dismay I have not been able to locate my passport at either the Immigration Service or at the offices of the Consular General De France A Lagos till date despite all efforts (which includes physical, telephone calls, email correspondence, travels, employing the services of a solicitor) to obtain same. In particular, the Immigration Service both in Lagos and Abuja says that they haven't received my Passport contrary to the Consulate General De France Notification of 26th June 2017.
Further note that in addition to several physical visits and telephone calls, I have also written letters and emails to communicate my inability to locate my Passport to your offices but to my further dismay none of my correspondence has been acknowledged nor replied.
Note: The requested passport carries an Ecuador visa. It was my plan travel to Ecuador that necessitated the need to obtain a transit visa to France. I am supposed to have traveled to Ecuador since 27th July 2017 but unable to at the moment because of my inability to even locate the passport.
In light of the foregoing, I look forward to your urgent and prompt response on how to locate my Passport whilst also noting and keeping in perspective that the Immigration Service has insisted that my Passport was not forwarded to them by Consular General De France A Lagos.
I am a professional squash player I had tournaments to play at Ecuador due to France embassy cruelties I couldn't meet up with the event,even the national tournament I was psychological down and I can't bring out my best, I was ranked best #5 player in the country but since the incident I couldn't resist visiting the France consulate office at the same time the immigration office thus I lost my national ranking of been the best 5 in the country to top #15 now. The immigration officers made me known that France embassy returns passport twice a year once it is held in their office while my passport is 8months hold now which is unfair to Nigerians, we are in our country and France embassy still treats us badly. All the tournaments I intended to play at Ecuador has finished already and my 6months Ecuador visa got expired in the process of the incident while I can't even locate where my passport is till now. It's totally unfair the way France treats us in our country. Pls help me share my career is at stake.....PLS SHARE !!

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