16 Jun 2016


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How did you get in to squash?

 My parents were choosing between squash and tennis for my brother. Since Alexandria is a rainy city in the winter and the summers are really hot, they thought outdoors tennis would be really difficult.

At the same time in squash, the under 19 Egyptian junior team had just won the World Teams event, and so my parents decided squash it is.

My brother started and here I am going back and forth with him watching him all the time. Of course a Racquet ended up in my hand, my brother's coach (Ahmed Abdallah) took me on court once, and that was it!! I never left the court!!

Did you play any other sports growing up?

The idea of Gymnastics was a nightmare, without even trying it, all my mom needed to do is say the word "gymnastics" and I'd break into tears. I mean come on!!! Girls wearing swimsuits out of the water??? Why???

 Tried swimming, went to swimming summer school at my club (again following my brothers footsteps). At the end of the summer season, they would have a day filled with swimming competitions for all the levels.

They do that as a celebration and give everyone a certificate, a medal was given to those who finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

While my brother came in second place in the 50 meter race. I came in last place in probably the 20 meter race, I remember the coach coming to help me finish the last 10 meters, I don't think I would have ever made it to that finish line without him.

Why did you decide that you wanted to make Squash your profession?

[Raneem El Welily Harrow Squash Interview]  http://www.squashsite.co.uk/2016/raneemharrow.htm


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